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Darien A.

Since getting insurance I've had bad experiences with dental offices, but this establishment is so friendly and transparent. Every visit I've had a appointment they've not only educated me on oral hygiene, but also how insurance & billing works. I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually looking forward to my fillings this week XD.

Chris A.

I am or was terrified of the Dentist. That is until I found Dr Johnson and his team. Their confidence and ability to make you feel relaxed is amazing. The team is always smiling and laughing and I find it very refreshing to have a medical team that love their jobs. and it is apparent. They explain every step of your procedure before during and after. Dr Johnson offers laughing gas. I highly recommend it. Did I say high? If your like me the gas is the way to go. Totally puts you instant "What me worry?" mode.
I will wrap up by saying don't put of caring for your choppers. Let the folks at Dental Excellence put a smile on your face. You will be like me and find comfort in knowing you have chosen the best the Rogue Valley has to offer

Isabel P.

I love coming to see my dentist. Everyone is amazing. They are so welcoming and make me feel so comfortable every time I’m in. The environment is friendly and light hearted but everyone is also professional and very knowledgeable. I can’t say enough about Dr. Johnson and his team. They do amazing work and treat you with very much kindness!

Jerry J.

Dr Johnson is a great dentist with a friendly smile and a way of making you feel relaxed and at ease. His staff is also friendly and professional.

Joyce R.

I’ve been coming to the office for many years and have been extremely pleased with the expertise and professionalism of Dr. Johnson and the friendliness of the entire team. I highly recommend Dental Excellence for your dental care.