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Sedation Dentistry in Medford

If you struggle with dental anxiety or dental phobia, you may find yourself avoiding getting the care you need. We are dedicated to the comfort and care of our patients. We offer several safe, controlled sedation techniques from oral sedation to IV sedation to help alleviate anxiety associated with dental care.

By creating a deep sense of calm and relaxation with little to no memory of the dental visit, dental sedation helps ease fears and apprehension allowing you to maintain your oral health. In addition to helping you feel completely at ease, sedation typically makes a lengthy procedure feel like it's over in just a few minutes. Although you'll feel fully relaxed while sedated, you'll still be able to respond to verbal cues from Dr. Johnson. You merely won't feel bothered by the details of treatment.

Reasons to consider dental sedation

While the reasons for choosing dental sedation can vary, some of the more common explanations include the following: 

  • Moderate to severe dental phobia

  • Anxiety about a particular dental procedure

  • Extensive dental work requiring long appointments

  • Powerful gag reflex

  • Generalized sensitive teeth and gums

  • Difficulty sitting calmly during dental appointments

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Dental sedation options we offer at Dental Exellence

While all types of conscious sedation allow a patient to relax and feel comfortable during a dental procedure, the level of sedation differs depending on which method is employed. The method of conscious sedation selected depends on a patient's specific needs or desires, relevant medical history, and the extent of required dental work. Listed below are the various forms of conscious sedation we offer at Dental Excellence. When you come in to see us, Dr. Johnson will explain the types of dental sedation we offer and answer any questions you may have.

  • IV Sedation

    IV Sedation is administered intravenously. It is indicated for moderate to severe dental anxiety when a deeper level of sedation and relaxation is desired, however; you will still be able to respond to verbal cues from Dr. Johnson. This type of sedation starts to work very quickly with little to no memory of the procedure and can be continued for as long as the procedure requires. With IV sedation, because a patient experiences a deeper level of sedation, they often fall asleep during the dental procedure.

    IV Sedation requires an empty stomach. Patients receiving IV sedation will be instructed when they should stop eating or drinking. In addition, patients will need to have an escort bring them to the appointment and on hand to drive them home when the visit is completed.

    With IV sedation, a deeper level of sedation can be more quickly and easily achieved versus oral sedation.

  • Oral Sedation

    Oral sedation offers a relaxed and comfortable dental experience with little to no anxiety. It is advised for individuals with mild to moderate anxiety. Often times it is combined with nitrous oxide to achieve a higher level of sedation.

    For oral sedation, patients are given a small pill to be taken a short time before their visit. This medication allows a patient to feel entirely relaxed by the time the procedure begins with little to no memory of the dental visit. It is a safe and highly effective form of anxiety control. With oral sedation, a patient must have an escort drive them to and from the dental office.

  • Inhalation sedation (Nitrous Oxide or “Laughing Gas”)

    Commonly referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is used as a mild sedative to reduce mild anxiety and facilitate relaxation during dental procedures. It's inhaled through a small mask over the nose in combination with oxygen for the duration of a dental visit. Once the nitrous oxide is no longer administered, the effects wear off very quickly and a complete state of awareness returns. Nitrous oxide allows you the convenience of driving yourself to and from your dental appointment.