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Medford IV Sedation

October 29, 2018

IV Sedation in Medford

Everyone needs to go to the dentist on a regular basis to make sure that their oral health and hygiene are in check, but going to the dentist for any reason can be especially difficult for some people. This fear can lead to avoiding visits and checkups, which can be extremely detrimental to your dental health. Here at Dental Excellence, Dr. Robert Johnson has been serving the Medford area for years, and he can help those who may need a little extra soothing when it comes to getting dental work done. With Medford IV sedation, you can rest easy no matter what kind of dental visit you need to make.

Some people have a general fear of visiting the dentist. The sights, smells, and the dental tools can be nerve wracking and scary for many people, so even going in for a cleaning can be a challenge. Others may have a sensitive gag reflex, making working in the mouth particularly difficult and unpleasant. And others may have a fear of needles, making procedures like fillings or extractions scarier than they have to be. But here at Dental Excellence, Dr. Johnson can offer you Medford IV sedation. With sedation dentistry, Dr. Johnson can help provide you with a completely stress-free dental experience unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. Sedation dentistry is completely safe and can be administered during any kind of dental exam or procedure Dr. Johnson is performing for you. IV sedation is a relaxant medication administered directly into the bloodstream to induce a state of deep relaxation and calm. You may feel as if you are in a deep sleep, though you can still react to dental commands Dr. Johnson gives you such as opening your mouth wider or turning your head a certain way. Before you know it, the appointment will be over and you can go home without feeling any stress at all.

Our office is located at 670 Superior Court, Suite 101 right here in Medford OR. For more information on Medford IV sedation with Dr. Johnson, call us here at Dental Excellence today.

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