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Medford dentist

September 30, 2018

 IV sedation Medford

There are many patients who avoid urgent dental care each year due to fear. The good news is, there is a solution. IV sedation and other types of sedation therapy is available to relax anxious patients, so they can get treated. If you get very anxious during dental treatments, you should talk to our expert Medford dentist at Dental Excellence about IV sedation dentistry.

Medford dentist

At Dental Excellence, we understand that many patients get anxious when going to the dentists. We also understand that there are different levels of dental anxiety, ranging from minor to dental appointment avoidance. We do not want our patients to miss vital dental care because of anxiety. That’s why we offer IV sedation and other types of sedation dentistry as well. If you’re considering IV sedation, please contact our office so you can book a consultation with our Medford dentist. The type of sedation offered will vary from patient to patient. IV sedation allows patients to experience their dental procedure comfortably without having to feel any pain or any unpleasant sounds, sights or smells. IV sedation allows the patient to be calm because it induces a state of relaxation and calm. The patient feels like he or she is in a deep sleep. If you believe you need IV sedation but are afraid of needles, IV sedation can still meet your needs. Instead of the intravenous, we also offer a lighter form of sedation using pills instead. The effect of the pills is very similar just it’s not as deep. The specific type of IV sedation can be discussed at a consultation appointment with our expert dentist. We strongly recommend that you call to set up a consultation appointment to talk about IV sedation. You will have an opportunity to get your questions answered and to get any concerns you may have addressed as well.

If you’re think about IV sedation as a possibility, you should consult with our expert Medford dentist. Contact our office right now to book an appointment.