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Medford OR Dental Implants

September 26, 2017

Dentist Office in Medford OR

Medford OR dental implants

Are you curious what tooth loss treatment is right for you? Have you heard of dental implants, but you’re not sure what the pros and cons are and whether they offer a trade off that works for your particular condition, budget, and smile goals? At Dental Excellence, we can help you better understand the factors in play, ensuring that you make an informed and strategic decision that will enhance your dental health and the beauty of your smile. Call our office today to learn everything you need to know about Medford OR dental implants!

At Dental Excellence, our team of dedicated and compassionate specialists will be happy to walk you through the many different aspects of Medford OR dental implants; you’ll benefit directly from a better understanding of the procedure, treatment goals, expenses, and smile expectations that comes with this exciting and highly influential new tooth loss treatment method. Wondering where to start? The first step is to better your understanding of what a dental implant actually is. Dental implants are small metal structures that are surgically implanted into the jawbone; they provide a strong and reliable support for the replacement crowns to come, without relying on the strength of adjacent teeth. As such, dental implants feel, look, and function just like regular healthy teeth! There are, however, certain trade offs to this treatment. Unless you opt into one-day dental implant treatments (a more expensive, and intensive procedure), you will need to wait months for your mouth to heal after the implant procedure. In other words, you may have to get used to a few gaps in your smile on the road towards recovery. However, many people think that dental implants are so much better than dentures that they’re worth the wait!

To learn more about whether you might be a good candidate for Medford OR dental implants, call our office at Dental Excellence today. We’ll be happy to guide on your next dental health journey!

670 Superior Court, Suite 101
Medford, Oregon 97504
(541) 855-3738