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Teeth Aligners in Medford OR

January 26, 2017

Aligners in Medford OR

Teeth aligners in Medford OR

Are you curious about whether you might be a good candidate for teeth aligners in Medford OR? At Dental Excellence, you’ll find the advanced and compassionate local orthodontist you need to bring uniformity and confidence to your smile. Call our office to learn how you could receive top tier orthodontic care!

At Dental Excellence, our staff is made up of devoted specialists that are on a mission to offer you and your family elite level dental services; we go the extra mile to ensure that our high tech facility is also a light-hearted environment where the whole family can feel comfortable. Our specialists are trained in the most advanced orthodontic techniques at the cutting edge of our field, ensuring that our malocclusion treatments are both extremely effective as pain-free as possible. We offer a wide variety of services fit to treat the entire family, including sedation dentistry, dental implants, initial oral examinations, preventative and hygiene treatments, root canals, extractions, crowns and caps, bridges and dentures, veneers, tooth-colored dental fillings, gum treatment, teeth whitening, bonding, bleaching, porcelain laminates, ceramic crowns, and other types of cosmetic dentistry. Curious whether you might be a good candidate for teeth aligners in Medford OR? Invisalign braces employ a system of clear plastic aligners that are virtually undetectable and custom-made for the wearer using 3D-imaging technology. By wearing a series of removable aligners, the wearer’s teeth are slowly moved into the correct position. These aligners can be removed for meals and dental hygiene routines. All in all, they’ve proven to be an excellent solutions for working professionals interested in adult orthodontic treatments.

To learn more teeth aligners in Medford OR and other dental solutions you’ve been waiting for, give us a call at Dental Excellence! With our team of compassionate specialists on your side, you can breathe a little easier knowing that your oral health is in good hands!

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