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Gentle Dentist in Medford

June 7, 2016

Pain free dentist in Medford

Gentle dentist in Medford

Have you been hesitating to visit the dentist because you simply have a fear of dentists or dental treatment? If so, you will want to contact us at our dental practice, Dental Excellence. Our patients are able to be relaxed when they receive treatment from our pain free dentist, Dr. Robert H. Johnson; we are able to provide our patients with dental sedation so they can be comfortably treated by our gentle dentist in Medford.

Dr. Johnson is very interested in making sure that his patients have a relaxing and stress free time at our dental practice. He truly believes in listening to his patients and making sure that they feel at home and comfortable while they are at our dental practice. Our gentle dentist in Medford also understands that some patients simply have fears of dentists or of being treated by dentists. He knows that it doesn’t matter why this fear began; what does matter is that patients are able to get the important dental care that they need. With sedation dentistry, our patients are able to come into our practice and get the treatment that they need. If you have a dental phobia based on past experiences, we want you to know that we fully understand. We have helped many patient overcome these fears so that they can have desperately needed dental treatment at our office.

At our practice, we offer IV sedation for our patients. This allows our patients to comfortably experience dentistry without feeling any pain or experiencing any sights, sounds, or smells which they may find unpleasant. Whether you have a bad gag reflex, or hate needles, Intravenous Conscious Sedation will be able to help. This is a relaxant medication that is administered directly into your bloodstream. This medicine will induce a state of deep relaxation and calm. Although you will feel like you are in a deep sleep, you will still be able to respond to requests from the dentist. Chances are you will not remember much, if anything from your treatment. Time will pass very quickly and your appointment will soon be over. However, when patients have this type of sedation, our gentle dentist in Medford will be able to get much needed work done, possibly even perform the amount of work that is generally performed over two appointments. We also offer a lighter sedation, in the form of a pill. This oral sedation acts more as anxiety control. Please contact our office for more information, so you too can get the dental care you need.

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