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Sedation Dentist in Medford

May 9, 2016

Sedation dentistry in Medford

Sedation dentist in Medford

Many people do not enjoy going to the dentist, and some even go years without a check-up or cleaning. This can be due to one’s fear of needles, drills, or other dental instruments, past traumatic dental experiences, or the general discomfort associated with the smells, noises, and tastes of dental work. However, a visit to your dentist no longer has to be an anxiety-filled experience. With three different types of sedation dentistry to choose from, there is no reason to put off your dental work. At Dental Excellence, we offer sedation dentist in Medford, which allows our patients to have a comfortable, anxiety-free experience while having their dental work performed.

There are three main anesthesia options available from our Medford sedation dentist. Please note that each option includes local anesthesia, which is the numbing medication that you may have received at your dentist’s office in the past. The difference between your sedation dentistry options has to do with the level of your awareness/consciousness. First there is local anesthesia with nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This is where nitrous oxide (combined with oxygen) is delivered through a mask that fits over the nose. Most patients remain awake, though much more relaxed; a few will naturally fall asleep. Next is conscious sedation. In this method, short-acting sedative medications are delivered which cause the patient to drift into a light sleep. The patient remains arousable and can cooperate with requests during the procedure, though in most cases they will have no memory of this afterward. Lastly, we offer general anesthesia/deep sedation with local anesthesia. For this method of sedation, short-acting sedative medications are delivered which cause the patient to be fully asleep & not arousable until the surgery has been completed and the medication infusion has been stopped. Also, since children suffer from the same anxiety related to dental procedures as adults, we offer other techniques for making children comfortable with pediatric anesthesia.

Your anxieties about visiting the dentist may be magnified by prior encounters. If you’ve been delaying a check-up on your oral health due to a fear or discomfort associated with the dentist, then it’s time you visit Dental Excellence. To provide the safest care, several options are available to comfort and relax you while you visit one of our skilled and caring sedation dentist in Medford. Please call our office today or consult our website for further information or to schedule an appointment.

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