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Medford Pain Free Dentist

February 3, 2016

Dental Care in Medford

Medford Pain Free Dentist

Are you frightened of or nervous about having dental work done? If so, let us assure you that you're not alone. At Dental Excellence, we're committed to doing everything possible to make you, our valued patient, feel comfortable when you're at our office. Our Medford pain free dentist knows that when you feel confident that you won't be experiencing any pain, you are far more likely to relax and have a positive attitude about the entire process. This is why we offer both IV and pill sedation as options for your dental work. You can enjoy all of the benefits of top dental care without any of the anxiety that you would normally be concerned about. Sound good? Then keep reading. Some dentists expect you to just “get over it.” But ours is sensitive to your concerns. So whether you have a moderate amount of fear to overcome or an actual phobia of dentistry, we have what you need.

IV sedation provides the advantage of letting you be in a deep sleep-like state during the procedure. But you'll also be able to respond to our Medford pain free dentist. Time will seem to pass quickly. You wake up and discover that your dental work has been completed. Nothing could be any easier or simpler. You probably will have no memory from when you were under.

Another option that our Medford pain free dentist has for you is a lighter method of sedation. This requires that you take a small pill just before you come in for your treatment. It's very similar to IV sedation, but you won't be under quite as deeply. Typically, this is a better option for things such as cleanings or a filling repair, as it will reduce your level of anxiety. It may, however, not be appropriate for root canal therapy or a tooth extraction, depending on your level of nervousness.

The best way to choose the right sedation for you is to consult with our Medford pain free dentist. Based on the work you need done and your overall anxiety, along with additional circumstances that are unique to you, we can determine the best recommendation to ensure that you feel completely confident.

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