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Medford dental care

July 7, 2015

Dental Checkup in Medford

Medford dental care

Some of the more common reasons patients avoid the dentist include past bad experiences, fear, stress, anxiety, or the belief that their teeth or gums are not bothering them so no treatment is necessary. At Dental Excellence we provide Medford dental care that includes a caring and compassionate attitude that will allow you to feel comfortable during your dental checkup. Receiving regular dental checkups can be the difference between needing preventative dental services now versus potentially more expensive and involved restorative work in the future. As part of your dentist visit, we will of course thoroughly examine your teeth and gums, but also encourage our patients to fully discuss any oral health issues they may be experiencing including sensitivity to hot or cold, swollen or bleeding gums or other concern so we may provide a professional recommendation or treatment to fully address your needs.

In addition to determining the presence of any periodontal or gum disease, tooth decay, cavities or other common dental needs, your Medford dental care and checkup at Dental Excellence should be combined with a professional teeth cleaning. While twice daily brushing and flossing is the recommended home oral care routine, we recommend a thorough cleaning by our knowledgeable hygienist to ensure the complete removal of all plaque and tartar which will inhibit gingivitis as well as a number of other potential dental issues. Part of your dentist visit exam will include the close scrutiny of any existing dental work to ensure fillings or cosmetic enhancements are secure, and fit comfortably. We will also allow for plenty of time during your appointment to answer any questions you may have regarding your dental health.

Your dental checkup and Medford dental care at Dental Excellence will be conducted in an environment that is both sterile for your safety as well as peace of mind, but calm and relaxed for your comfort. We are completely focused and engaged in your dentist visit from both a physical health stand point and your emotional well-being. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your family to determine your dental needs and safeguard your naturally beautiful and healthy smile while ensuring your healthy teeth and gums remain strong and fully function for a lifetime.

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