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Medford Gentle Dentist

June 9, 2015

Pain Free Dental Care in Medford

Medford gentle dentist

A mouth filled with healthy teeth requires your adherence to good habits at home along with regular visits to our office for a complete dental exam. And sometimes, even if you do everything right, you need a procedure such as root canal therapy or a tooth extraction. If fear or anxiety is preventing you from getting the dental work that you need, think of us at Dental Excellence. Our Medford gentle dentist provides sedation to make the process pain free and eliminate nervousness. In additional, even if you are not nervous, sedation can be a good idea if you have multiple teeth being worked on at the same time or if you have difficulty staying still while sitting in the dental chair.
Fear of dentistry is very real and what you need is a dentist who takes your concerns seriously. It's not something that you can just “get over” and no one should suggest that you should. What you need is our Medford gentle dentist, who has the solution that will allow you to have a more comfortable experience. We offer both IV sedation for more complex work like root canals and tooth extractions, as well as a pill that can be taken for dental cleanings and small fillings. Our dentist will discuss the pros and cons of each type of sedation in order to help determine which one is best for your situation.
Regardless of which type of sedation is decided on by our Medford gentle dentist and you, the most important thing is that you will be able to overcome your nervousness and have the work done that will ensure your dental well-being. IV sedation will enter your bloodstream directly, bringing on a state of deep relaxation. You will feel calm and free of anxiety. But you will also be able to answer any questions that our dentist or staff need to ask you. It will seem as if the time goes by very fast and before you realize it, you'll be done.
When you take a pill for sedation, you do so just before coming in for your dental work. You won't feel as deeply under as you do with IV sedation, but you will still enjoy the benefits of feeling at ease. In either instance, you should be sure you have someone to drive you back and forth to your appointment.

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