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Medford cosmetic dentist

May 14, 2015

Teeth Replacement in Medford

Medford cosmetic dentist

Losing your teeth can change a lot of things, especially when it comes to your everyday life. Living with missing teeth can make common activities such as eating or speaking different and difficult, which can be incredibly frustrating for many individuals. Additionally, living with gaps in your smile can leave anyone feeling self-conscious whenever they open their mouth. Luckily there are plenty of options available when it comes to dental restoration, including dental implants. Here at Dental Excellence, our Medford cosmetic dentist, Dr. Johnson, can provide you with an artificial teeth replacement that will completely restore your smile's function and appearance.

In addition to the inconveniences associated with losing teeth as listed above, the loss of teeth can do great damage to your overall dental health. With teeth missing, your bite will be incomplete and may experience a significant amount of strain. Any remaining teeth that you have all experienced this sort of strange as well and may even shift in place. Thankfully, with the help of dental implants you can resolve all these dental health issues while also restoring your ability to eat and speak as easily as you once did. Unlike other methods of dental restoration, dental implants perform, feel, and look the most like natural teeth. Here at Dental Excellence, our Medford cosmetic dentist will be able to determine whether this method of teeth restoration will work best for you. Some people may not be eligible for this sort of dental restoration because of the amount of surgery involved, but if your jaw is strong enough the dental implants may just change your life.

Dental implants gain their strength from the use of titanium posts that are surgically inserted into your jaw bone. Once these posts heal and meld with your bone, your artificial teeth will be put in place. These teeth are specifically designed by our Medford cosmetic dentist to match any remaining teeth that you have. If you are at all interested in this method of teeth replacement, then please call us here at Dental Excellence to schedule an appointment with our Medford cosmetic dentist, Dr. Johnson, today.

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