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July 8, 2014

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The last thing that we want at Dental Excellence is to extract your tooth. We do everything possible to allow you to keep all of your precious natural teeth for life. Before an extraction is undertaken, an attempt will be made to see if the tooth can be spared. Sometimes, root canal therapy can accomplish that. But the reality is that there will be times when that simply isn't possible. And when that happens, it should be reassuring that our Medford family dentist will be able to help by extracting your tooth smoothly and with the utmost comfort possible for you.

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When a tooth extraction is the only option left, you can feel complete confidence in our Medford family dentist. The process will begin with a local anesthetic, applied to assure that you feel very little, if any, pain during the procedure. The level of difficulty and time needed to remove the tooth will depend upon several factors, including the location of the tooth within your mouth. When the tooth has been removed, stitches may be needed. Gauze will be offered to soak up any blood, a quite natural occurrence afterward.

Before you leave the office, our Medford family dentist will make sure that you have detailed instructions to follow during the next 24 hours. In many cases, a common over the counter pain reliever will be sufficient to manage any discomfort you may have after the anesthetic wears off. Or a stronger option can be offered by prescription. It is a good idea to hold an ice pack against your face on the side where the tooth was extracted. This helps to reduce any swelling and pain. Rinsing frequently with salt water is advised too. You should strongly consider taking it easy for the rest of the day after your tooth extraction and avoid any physical exertion. Confine yourself to soft foods for the first 24 hours.

Now that your tooth has been extracted, you may want to think about a restoration, such as a dental implant or a bridge. Besides the cosmetic advantages, a restoration prevents your teeth from shifting and possibly leading to a misaligned bite.

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