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March 10, 2014

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The appearance of our smile is something that is important to a lot of us. A bright, healthy smile makes us feel confident in putting our best face forward. But sometimes our teeth do not appear as we would like them to. Whether due to bad habits or simply aging, our teeth can lose their luster and become stained and yellowed. There are options, however. Here at Dental Excellence, our Medford cosmetic dentist can provide you with a whiter, brighter smile after a simple consultation and visit.

Tooth Whitening Treatments Medford

Our teeth can change in color and appearance for a lot of reasons. Drinking coffee or tea can stain the exterior layers of our teeth, and bad habits such as smoking, drinking or chewing tobacco can make them even yellower. We can also get more interior teeth stains as we age and simply grow older. All of these factors add onto one another as years go by and cannot be removed by simply brushing and flossing. While brushing and flossing can definitely decrease the presence of some stains, many of these stains cannot be completely prevented. But if you plan a visit with one of our Medford cosmetic dentists here at Dental Excellence, either Dr. Rick Schmidt or Dr. Robert H. Johnson, you and your smile can see new life. Here at Dental Excellence we offer Zoom! bleaching systems. This method will safely see you to a noticeably whiter smile. The only side effects are gum and tooth sensitivity, which can be easily rectified with certain toothpastes and avoiding extremely hot or cold foods.

It is still possible that your teeth will discolor again after treatment, if you continue to drink coffee or tea or even age, which is unfortunately inevitable. But we also offer at-home Zoom whitening treatment as well. This can ensure that your smile safely stays white and bright, and continues to have you feeling your absolute best. Schedule a visit with either of our Medford cosmetic dentists, Dr. Schmidt or Dr. Johnson, to have your smile evaluated. Either of our dentists will prescribe a whitening treatment that will suit your smile needs.

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