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Medford General Dentist

December 10, 2013

Medford General Dentist

Can you recall the last time your visited your local Medford general dentist for a comprehensive dental examination? Many of us forgo dental health care out of the belief that our teeth can be perfectly cared for within our own homes. Unfortunately, at-home health care can leave many things behind, which can cause decay and disease to damage your smile without you even realizing it. Adults need to be having their teeth cleaned and examined by a true professional at least twice a year for truly effective dental prophylaxis. You can find the best in advanced dental health care at our state of the art offices of Dental Excellence.

Dental Cleanings Medford

Dental examinations clean your teeth in a manner that could never be achieved in the bathroom of your home. No matter how advanced your spin brush may be, it will not remove hardened deposits or lower the dangerously high levels of bacteria that accumulate in the human mouth without proper care from your trusted Medford general dentist. Only a comprehensive cleaning from a professional hygienist can accomplish such a task. However, a dental exam is more than just a hands-on examination and a thorough but gentle professional cleaning. Our oral health care experts utilize digital dental x-rays to examine what the human eye cannot see. This series of digital x-rays puts off 90% less radiation than traditional dental technology, as well as providing images in far greater detail. This allows our doctors to identify problems such as root canal infections, cavities, and gum disease in its earliest stages, before it can cause further damage to your smile.

While gingivitis may sound like a rare occurrence, gum disease is a common problem for many of us in the United States today. This disease starts as swollen and bleeding gums in its initial stages, and quickly progresses to gum and teeth loss without proper care. This is why our team at your professional Medford general dentist perform additional gum disease evaluations to diagnose the many levels of this destructive disease as soon as possible. Often diseases and infections of the mouth can create painful lesions, which is why our team also performs oral cancers screening. Oral cancer is increasingly common in those who use any type of tobacco products, and can become increasingly high in risk if you have a family history of this disease.

When you are in search of a state of the art and experienced Medford general dentist you can trust with the needs of your oral health care, you need look no further than Dental Excellence. Our offices have been proudly serving your local community for over thirty years in professional and personal dental care. From the highly severe cases which require oral surgery, to the regular exams and cleanings, you can be sure to find every level of oral health care you need with Dental Excellence.

Dental Exams Medford
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